Looking for an exciting new way to share Gospel values and engage current social issues? 

The Voice of One is a powerful Gospel-based telling of the story of St. John the Baptist, in a contemporary setting, speaking to contemporary issues. It makes the Good News relevant and accessible to both faith-based and secular audiences, much in the same way that Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat did in their time. Through the power of stirring music, the show connects the timeless messages of the Gospel to such current issues as distribution of wealth, gender-identity, immigration, conduct of law enforcement, self-doubt, and political posturing. It’s main message, however, is that not only John the Baptist, but every individual, is the “voice of one”, and “what difference one voice can make, if there is a dream one is willing to give voice to, if there is a world one is willing to wake.” 

The show was conceived and written as a two-act musical to be accompanied by piano or small orchestra, but there are many ways to use it. Besides a full-out theatrical production, it could be presented more like an oratorio, with minimal or no staging, and even sung on-book. For those in faith communities, individual songs could be incorporated into the Sunday worship service, especially when the scripture readings for the day mention John the Baptist or relevant parts of the musical. One of the songs in the show is a paraphrase of the great liturgical canticle “The Song of Zechariah”, and would work wonderfully as an Offertory. Others that are more reflective in nature might be sung during Communion. The possibilities are as open as one’s imagination. 

The arts are one of the most powerful tools we have to invite people into the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to touch the hearts and minds of people with great faith and those with little or none. Perhaps The Voice of One is just the tool you have been looking for!


A piano/vocal score and/or full score is available upon request. The full score includes parts for keyboard, flute, violin, cello, guitar, bass guitar, and drums.

The show is approximately 1 hour, 40 minutes (not including an intermission between acts). 

For more details, please contact the show's administrators here.

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