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Bravo! I have been waiting for months to see this. High points for me were Zachary Lenox's impeccable voice and character, Will Keene's performance, Alexander Salazar - an incredible voice and actor! But, by far is Kaitlyn O'Neill's performance as Salome. Wow - the dance was spectacular and her solid singing was a delight. Well done and congratulations to Scot and Robert!” - Adam S
I am writing to tell you that The Voice Of One is stunning! That is the word that comes to mind. The story, the theme, the music, the actors!! Just so wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you… Do another one!” - Bonnie Sulmonetti
The Voice of One was spectacular, beautiful, and very meaningful. Each person was perfect for the role. At the end of each day, I ask myself 3 questions. What touched me? What moved me? What inspired me? [The Voice of One] did all 3.” - The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Klein
Congrats on such a great show! It had so many moving parts, was fluid and joyful. Great work! I am so pleased that [we] got to see such an astounding vision come to life!” - Peter Bounincontro, OES Theater Department Artistic Director
An amazing and inspirational production!” - Dan B.
Congratulations on a great job with creation, composition, organization, and implementation of the show. Doing a known musical is hard enough but to create and put on a new piece of art is infinitely harder. It was extremely well done. Bravo!” - Chris Moran
I usually don't like plays or movies of past occurrences brought into todays time, however, this tale is timeless! It is so well told, the music and singers were magnificent! The venue of the Lakewood Theater for the film's premiere, in Lake Oswego, was perfect. I loved every minute of it! The words of Rev. Robert Bryant rang true to the story in an artful and creative way. Scot Crandal, a composer, musician, singer extraordinaire, composed a masterpiece of a score using a number of different musical genres. It is not to be missed. Definitely 5 out 5.” - KB
I saw the Voice of One on Saturday night! It was stunning! My hope is that [it can be seen] on a full-sized stage, so that even more people can see it!! You all did an amazing job. Congratulations! Thank you for telling the story!” - Catherine MacLellan
I am certainly not a singer nor am I someone who plays a musical instrument. But, I am someone who greatly appreciates the talent and consideration for the story you told in The Voice of One. It was a story that created a special message while providing music and lyrics that were moving and memorable. You're amazing and thank you for making this experience so special.” - Monica H. Schneider
What a moving, powerful and relevant way of presenting the Gospel for today! To have created such a major, professional production with the extremes represented in the cast was simply miraculous. Asha and I were profoundly moved.” - The Rev. Vijendran Sathyaraj, Oregon Episcopal School Head Chaplain

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