The fully-edited film of the closing night’s performance is now available to the public. Click here to experience the remarkable story of St. John the Baptist.

The Voice of One was premiered in October of 2022 at The Episcopal Parish of St. John the Baptist in Portland, Oregon. The combination of Robert Bryant's intuitive and thought-provoking book & lyrics with Scot Crandal's moving and memorable melodies tell the story of the power and importance of every person's voice through the dramatic life of St. John the Baptist, including his beheading. With a compelling story of insightful lyrics, multiple musical genres, and a message that strongly resonates with the challenges of today, we hope you have the opportunity to see it performed in your city soon!

Original Cast Features

Zachary Lenox as John the Baptist

Zachary Lenox

Susannah Mars* as Elizabeth

Susannah Mars*

Original Cast • October 2022

* Member of Actors Equity Association